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Broker of binary options Binomo

Binomo is a popular binary broker that has been operating for more than a few years. Today, the company's services are already used by hundreds of thousands of traders.The Binomo brand offered its services for trading binary options in 2014.
Openness, transparency, willingness to dialogue on sites and forums of a thematic focus allowed Binomo to promptly raise and maintain a positive trend, promptly correct inaccuracies and modernize the trading terminal, becoming a "convenient broker" for a wide range of traders.The broker strives to gain new positions in the market, constantly improving its trading platform, making it even more functional and convenient for traders.Since 2014, Binomo (Tiburon Corporation Limited) provides binary options trading services, mainly in the CIS countries. The company is registered in accordance with the laws of Seychelles, registration number 187026.Binomo can rightly be called an innovative broker, looking for new technologies, introducing new methods and programs of work.This feature is noted by all experts, as well as the fact that a new terminal installed on the platform, not so long ago, contributed to an increase in the number of traders who want to work with this broker.

Broker Binomo         binomo.com

Trading platform of the broker

         Starting Deposit: $ 10

         Minimal deal: $ 1

         Max % on option*: 90%

         Demo Account: Yes

         Regulator: CROF

         Popularity on the Internet:

*Interest % on the option, which is paid in case of a correct forecast and successful completion of the transaction


Foundation and history of the company

The brand Binomo appeared on December 1, 2014, and belongs to the company Stagord Resources Ltd. The main office of the company is located in Cyprus, registered in accordance with the laws of the Seychelles, registration number 187026.
Binomo (Tiburon Corporation Limited) provides binary options trading services, mainly in the CIS countries. At the moment, it mainly concentrates on the Russian-speaking market, but naturally there are plans to enter other markets.
Broker Binomo places special emphasis on the security of its customers: it has an online security certificate from Comodo, a certificate of compliance with the CROF (No.4155 RU A7081), stock quotes are provided by the world famous Thomson Reuters. Binomo is steadily gaining momentum, and the direction in which they are currently developing (transparency, reliability, special attention to new customers) is evidenced by the fact that the company is committed to seriousness and long-term work in the market of binary options.

Registration on the official website of Binomo

To open an account with a Binomo broker, you must complete a simple registration procedure, as on any other site. After the introduction of personal data, you can choose the main currency of your account, Dollars, Euros or Rubles.

Broker's website

Register Now

Also, you can log in using Google services and Facebook.

Registration form

Pay attention to the Client Agreement, which is freely available, do not ignore it, read carefully the terms of future cooperation, this will remove a lot of subsequent questions.
After registration, it is necessary to check the electronic mail box and confirm the registration.
After confirming the registration, the trader immediately gets access to the trading platform of brokerage company Binomo.

The next necessary step for trading is the transfer of starting capital to a trading account. In this issue, the brokerage service operator also offers the most convenient and affordable mode of conducting a financial transaction. To add funds, go to the "Cashier" section where you will immediately be offered a choice of payment services and will acquaint you with the parameters of the bonus products available at this stage of cooperation with the broker.

Start trading and demo account

The availability of a training account is a clear indication of the stability and reliability of any brokerage company. This demo account works on the same trading platform as the real one. So if you do not want to immediately replenish the account and want to evaluate the functionality of the trading platform, you can do it on a free demo account, but remember that the demo version is limited by the number of assets (total 17), and also has a number of other limitations. In addition, frankly speaking, protracted games with a demo account are undesirable, since they do not reflect the real state of affairs, especially in the psychology of trading. Therefore, the demo version should be used for studying and familiarizing yourself with the platform, and after you make a decision about further cooperation with the broker to move to real work as soon as possible, especially since deposits and minimal investments in the option of the broker allow it to be done without large financial investments.

When making transactions for virtual money, you can trade without any risks and conduct testing of the trading platform and other intrasystem features of the broker. Everyone can open a school account after registering on the official site of binomo.com, and also replenish it as necessary with absolutely free virtual means: $ 1,000, 50,000 rubles, or 1,000 euros.

Trade Features

Broker Binomo provides an opportunity to work only with classic binary options CALL and PUT, as well as their "turbo version",
At a certain point in time, only a part of assets are available for trading - this is due to the time of the work of exchanges, and, accordingly, the supply of quotations.
A pleasant moment is that the broker realized the possibility of refunds from unprofitable trades up to 40% of the option value.
In addition, the Binomo broker has implemented a non-stop mode in its binary options, at which it is not necessary to wait for the end of the contract expiration, the trader is available for correction throughout the whole period of its operation, for example, it is possible to increase the amount of investments in the current instrument, extending the expiration time, or ahead of schedule close an option.

Terms of trade and overview table Binomo


Foundation date

Year 2014

Types of accounts

Demo account, Standard, Gold, VIP

Account currencies


Demo Account


Start Deposit


Min. Option Value


Yield on option*

Up to 90%


Up to 40%

Methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds

VISA и MasterCard, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, WebMoney, Neteller, Mobile Commerce


VISA and MasterCard, Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, Neteller, Mobile Commerce
Up to 80%, promotions are periodically held with bonuses up to 100%, and gift options can also be provided.

Work on weekends


Types of options

Turbo options, classic options - Call Put

Expiration time***

1 minute to 1 year

Early termination of the deal


Number of assets

More than 140 assets - currency pairs, shares of various companies, commodity assets, indices and crypto-currencies

Trading platform

Own product

Mobile trading

iOS, Android

Regulation of activities

CROF, at the moment the company is also in the stage of obtaining licenses CySEC and CPO

Support service

Phone, chat, email - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*Percentage% of payments that are credited to the account in case of correct forecast and successful completion of the transaction
** Percentage% of return of the amount invested in the option in case of an unsuccessful transaction
*** Term for which the trader enters into a transaction

Types of accounts

The account type is determined automatically and depends on the total amount of the Customer's deposit. Except for the demo account.

Demo Account

• Available immediately and without replenishment of the deposit, it serves only to get acquainted with the trading platform


• Minimum deposit: 10 USD
• Minimum investment amount: 1 USD
• Funding: without restrictions
• Participation in tournaments


• Minimum deposit: 500 USD
• Accelerated withdrawal of funds: up to 24 hours
• Insurance of investments by bonus means
• Cashback *: 5% (weekly)
• Personal manager


• Minimum deposit: 1 000 USD
• Accelerated withdrawal of funds: no more than 4 hours
• Insurance of investments by real means
• Cashback *: 10% (weekly)
• Analytical online support via Skype
• The range of basic assets

* Cashback - compensation for damages

Types and types of binary options contracts

The Binomo brand includes:

1. Turbooptions - an ideal product for active scalpers, who prefer quick solutions and completion of all transactions in the shortest possible time. Suitable for traders trading on minimum market fluctuations.
2. Binary options CALL and PUT (above / below) are standard options with adjustable expiration dates. This is a traditional offer for all interested in trading. Suitable for intra-day, medium-term trade and long-term investments up to 1 year
Binary options CALL and PUT (higher / lower), meaning profit at the correct forecast (close above or close below) at the expiration of the expiration (the expiration date of the option). After the trader determines the amount of investment and duration, he must press one of the two keys - red, with a forecast of a decline in the trading asset, or green, if the trader believes that the asset will rise (in relation to the rate at the time of the deal).
As you can see, the broker Binomo concentrated all its forces on the most common types of options - turbo options and conventional options CALL and PUT. There are no "One Touch" or "Border" options on the platform yet, but as the broker is developing rapidly, it is possible that they will appear in the future.

The expiration time on the platform of the broker Binomo

Expiry timeThe expiration time, or the term of the "life of the option" - is the period on which the transaction is concluded. For example, if a trader opens a deal with an expiration period of 5 minutes, this means that within five minutes from the start of the option, the trader will receive a fixed profit, or a loss (depending on the trader's forecast) for the purchased option.

Broker Binomo provides a choice of expiration terms with a range of 30 seconds to 12 months.


To conduct financial transactions, Binomo's binary options broker customers are offered a special section of the official site of the company, protected by advanced security protocol formats. At the same time, the light and very convenient functional of this operation pleases. In order to credit funds to the broker's trading account, it is necessary to go to the "Cashier" section where clients will be immediately asked to familiarize themselves with the list of bonus offers of a binary broker and a set of services for transferring funds:

You can replenish your account with Mastercard and Visa credit cards, Qiwi Wallet payment systems, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Neteller, also using Mobile Commerce.

Payment systems of the broker

Promotions and bonuses

Binomo, the company offers a variety of shares, allowing you to improve your financial result or reduce risks.

3. Classic bonuses for crediting starting capital up to 100%. The broker gives the bonuses in a constant mode, but their sizes can vary.

1. Free options from a broker is an opportunity to make deals without investing your own. The number of such contracts depends either on the type of account (the size of the deposit) or provided by the broker in the form of shares, timed to specific dates or events.
Such gift options have a fixed cost of a certain size, and they can also be limited in the choice of expiration terms.

2. Tournaments - the company thus stimulates the professionalism of traders and opens the possibility of obtaining additional profits. At the same time, due to the prize money that is paid by real money, you can start trading without your own investments, you can start trading without own investments

Before making a decision to receive bonuses, you need to carefully study the rules prescribed in the agreement:
1) Bonus funds are virtual and can not be perceived as a financial obligation of the company to the client.
2) Bonus funds can be accessed only after a mandatory trade turnover is made, which is equal to the bonus amount multiplied by its shoulder (it is set for each share individually). If the size of the shoulder is not set, then it should be considered equal to 35, and for bonuses equal to or greater than 50%, the shoulder is equal to 40.
3) Bonus offers may be limited by the validity period.
4) Transactions with the result "without income" are not taken into account in the trade turnover.
5) Upon expiration of the validity period or promotion, the bonus can be written off from the client's account.
6) Bonus is reset if the balance of the trading account is less than the minimum amount of the transaction.
7) Bonus offers may have restrictions on withdrawal of funds from the account.
8) Refusal of a bonus can be satisfied only if no deals were made from the moment of receiving bonus funds. Bonus funds.

Withdrawal of funds

The withdrawal of funds from the Binomo account is maximally simplified and implemented in a short time.
For "Standard" accounts - up to three working days, for "Gold" - up to 24 hours, VIP - 4 hours. However, in this issue, regardless of the type of account and the amount of investment of the trader, the broker tries to minimize the waiting time for profits.
Also, it is necessary to take into account the method of withdrawal of funds. For example, for bank cards, the delay can be effected not through the fault of the broker, but by the bank system.
If you consider the feedback of traders, they argue that regardless of the type of account, the maximum waiting period for withdrawal of funds does not exceed 1 working day.
Note that Binomo allows you to withdraw funds only in the way that was replenished.

Advantages and disadvantages of the broker


• Professional and convenient trading terminal
• Free demo account
• Minimum depot - 10 $ / €
• The minimum transaction is 1 $ / €
• Permanent shares
• Stable payments
• High% of successful transactions
• High level of security of the brokerage company
• Daily Analytics
• A large number of assets for trading
• Qualified support 24/7
• Possibility to trade on weekends


• The demo terminal is provided in a "cut-down" form. It differs from real trading in that in the demo version there is no possibility to choose the expiration period and the asset for trading. You trade with expiration by default on that asset that the system has automatically selected for you.

• Only one type of options and no access to such highly liquid formats of binary options as One-Touch and Range.

Binomo Mobile Applications

Trading with Binomo is also possible with mobile applications for iOS and Android. The company developed applications, which significantly simplifies the life of traders and allows you to continue working anytime and anywhere. But such work can not always be effective, especially when trading on turbo options, because mobile Internet can be unstable. But if you are sure of your Internet connection, mobile trading is an excellent solution so as not to break away from trade and keep your hand on the market.

Mobile Broker Platform

Trade with a mobile terminal is simplified to a minimum, you only need to specify the parameters of the transaction and purchase the corresponding contract.

Download mobile app:

Download the iOS app   Download the Google Play application

Education system

For effective and fruitful cooperation, the broker offers its clients a variety of materials for the development of binary options trading.
On the official site of the broker Binomo there is a special section - "Knowledge Base", dedicated to independent training of traders. Here, beginners will be able to draw useful information about trading in the market of binary options and learn the basic concepts.
Textbooks in interactive form, tutorials with terms, training video tutorials, feature articles, instructions, FAQs and knowledge bases are available in the training section on the Binomo website in a clear, accessible and competently systematized form.

• a step-by-step instruction that allows you to open the first transaction in the binary market;
• answers to popular questions of interest to all newcomers of the binary market;
• videos explaining the key processes of trading;
• a dictionary of financial terms and other materials.

Teaching materials

Tournaments for traders

Tournaments are professional competitions between traders with large prize pools. Such a proposal can not only increase the profitability of a trading participant, but also become an excellent opportunity to start a career without attracting your own investments.
On an ongoing basis, tournaments are held on a demo account, the winners of which can use their real cash prize as an investment in further real trading.
For Binomo competitions between traders - this is the usual thing. Anyone can take part in an organized event. The terms and the size of the money prize are constantly changing, so to clarify the details it is necessary to look at the broker's website.
Typically, such tournaments are held twice a week: on Monday and Thursday.

Trading Platform and Binomo Web Terminal

From the first minutes it becomes clear that the main subject of pride Binomo - a new platform for binary options. The site of the broker Binomo says that the platform meets the highest standards of American, European and even world-class quality.
The ultra-modern and in all respects the fresh platform of the Bimono broker is a serious response to the breakthrough of competitors. The terminal of the broker is without a doubt one of the best in the market of binary options.
The standard indicators for operation here are integrated simply superbly. The platform interface is quite informative and easy to learn.
The functionality of the online terminal includes a long list of graphic tools, special signals, indicators and different themes. There are no special exclusive indicators, but the balance between design, stability and functionality is the best on the market.
Working with Binomo is based on a proprietary development platform. This product was introduced to traders in 2015 and immediately became the most professional trade terminal in the opinion of experts. The company took into account in this platform most of the wishes and requirements of market players and was able to provide traders with a professional trading platform. After a lot of updates and optimization of the trading platform, the following services and tools became available:

• Convenient large-format trading schedule with the ability to set individual settings: timeframe, scale, type of building quotes, highlighting
• There are 4 types of graphics: mountain, candle, line, bar.
• Viewing the history of quotes - now the mono graph is moved backwards.
• Visual levels of open positions on the chart
• A large list of basic assets (140 items)
• Professional indicator set
• A set of graphical technical analysis services - simple lines, shapes, as well as semi-automatic tools for constructing patterns Gartli, Fibonacci, regression channels fork.
• Comfortable display format for stylized items
• Direct access to auxiliary services
• Speed ​​of registration of rates - 1,7 ms
• Trading in non-stop mode

• Zone (menu) for selecting the format of the trading rate and the asset for binary trading - here you are offered a choice of miscellaneous trading assets with indication of the profitability of contracts, as well as access to the choice of betting formats: a turbo or a simple binary option

Selection of option type

• Technical tools zone - this menu is located below the quotes chart on the left. Here the trader can access the settings of the working schedule, as well as a set of analysis tools - indicator and graphical.

Select the timeframe for the asset graph

• Bidding area - here the operator uses a simple logical method that allows traders to promptly place a necessary bet on the binary market. The order of the conclusion of contact is simple: the choice of the amount of contact, the expiration period of the bet, the formulation of the position by pressing the trading button according to the forecast:

Transaction parameters

The supplier of quotations is Thompson Reuters, which means the most accurate market prices and their ultra-fast update.

Analytics of the broker

For those who like to trade on fundamental analysis, the broker regularly publishes economic reviews, recommending that he pay attention to one or another asset.
The subsidiary analytical services of Binomo.com also have a high level of quality and professionalism. Daily analytics from the broker Binomo is presented in the following formats:

1. Technical analysis with forecasts of the movement of the markets of popular assets

• Key support / resistance levels;
• the direction and conditions under which it is worth to look for entry points in a position;
• target levels, when it is better to close the deal.

2. Market news with an overview of their importance and impact on underlying assets

• For those who like to trade on fundamental analysis, the broker regularly publishes economic reviews, recommending that he pay attention to one or another asset.

Customer Service

Binomo's brokerage support service is 24/7, so customers can get the information they need at any time. At the same time, it should be noted that Binomo's binary trading platform uses communication tools such as telephone, e-mail, Skype, online chat mode to communicate with the client. For VIP accounts, the binary options broker offers the opportunity to work with a personal manager - a professional financial analyst.

Security, Licenses and Regulation

Focusing on the provision of its services in Russia, the Binomo broker received the CRRF certificate, the site and brand belongs to Tiburon Corporation Limited with registration in the Republic of Seychelles under the management of the Cyprus company Stagord Resources Ltd. Customers of other countries work on the basis of these legal regulations.
Binary options are an over-the-counter instrument, in many countries, falling under the definition of gambling. Taking care of its current and future customers, all financial mutual payments of the Binomo brand are carried out according to the standard scenario adopted in the countries of the European Union, with the condition of keeping customer deposits on separate accounts of European banks outside the company.
The registration numbers of offshore jurisdictions and Binomo licenses are publicly available on the brand's brand website.

Regulation and security of the broker The issue of trade security at Bimo was solved in early 2015 - it was then that the broker received a certificate of regulation from the CROFR. So, the broker's work occurs according to certain regulatory requirements and under the clear control of the Russian regulatory association. Plus, the clients' funds are guaranteed by the compensation fund. Certificate of the Binomo CROF. The security of the site of the broker of binary options of Binom also touched. Therefore, the financial operations area together with the trading zone are protected by modern cryptographic HTTPS protocols.

The CROFR Regulator

At the moment, the company is also in the process of obtaining licenses for CySEC and CPO.

Awards Broker Binomo

Of course, such a popular broker could not do without rewards at annual exhibitions dedicated to brokers of Binary Options and FOREX brokers around the world. And more recently, in December 2016, Binomo was awarded for the victory in the nomination "Broker of the Year"! But the broker is famous not only for well-deserved awards, but Binomo is also very often written by prestigious magazines such as Forbes.

Broker Awards Binomo

Conclusions and conclusion of the review

The company Binomo is quite worthy of attention, because offers some of the most loyal trading conditions in the market of binary options, provides excellent trading software for trading, gives access to free training and daily analysis.
The broker has already entered the top three of the options market and for this there is every reason. Currently, the company is working on an even greater expansion of its own services and services. Pleases the moment that management listens to customer complaints and quickly eliminates even the minor shortcomings of its service.

One can not but agree that for the year of its operation the broker of binary options Binomo has grown significantly in the eyes of traders, began to attract more and more attention to itself, well, and as a consequence, and trust. There is a possibility that in the near future the broker Binomo will supersede most of its competitors and will take the leading positions in the industry.

Broker Binomo creates the most comfortable conditions for traders of any level. Innovative technologies combined with an efficient support service and ease of use of the platform make this company popular, and its services are invariably in demand in the financial market.

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