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Broker of binary options FinMax

The binary option broker FinMax is a young enough, but ambitious, and not unimportant, yet very promising broker, which should be paid attention to any self-respecting trader.
The broker was founded by a team of financial market professionals, traders and analysts, who perfectly oriented in trading with binary options.
Despite the fact that the company is still at the stage of its development, this did not prevent it from earning the trust of most traders in the shortest time, and FinMax is not going to stop there.

Broker FinMax         finmaxbo.com

Trading platform of the broker

         Starting Deposit: $ 100

         Minimal deal: $ 5

         Max % on option*: 90%

         Demo Account: Yes

         Regulator: CROFR

         Popularity on the Internet:

*Interest % on the option, which is paid in case of a correct forecast and successful completion of the transaction


General information about the broker

Finmax was founded in 2015, and already in the first half of 2016, the broker confidently settled in the top ten leaders of binary options that provide services in the CIS and Western countries.
One of the main tasks set by the founders of this company was the development of a platform that would not only be intuitive and easy to manage, but also multifunctional, as well as different in the speed of execution of transactions. And they succeeded. The Finmax platform is, if not the best, one of the best for today.
Finmax immediately became interested in potential customers, having passed the certification of CROFR, offering traders their first-class trading terminal.
In addition, the broker highlights his extremely responsible attitude to the safety of clients and the complete confidentiality of the information they provide.
To date, the main goal of the company is still to achieve excellence in the binary options trade niche and to improve the quality of the services provided.

Official site of the broker FinMax

The site of the broker FinMax is made in such a way that all sections with the necessary information were in one step accessible to the user. Mainly, the site pays attention to its advantages, which immediately catch sight and in no way escapes from the potential client. Actually, this approach is inherent in virtually all modern brokers and FinMax in no way inferior in this regard to the most popular companies.
The site of the broker FinMax has 8 different languages, which indicates the seriousness of the project and the focus not only on the CIS countries but also on the western segment of the market.

Registration FinMax

Registration in FinMax

In order to start working with the broker, you need to go through a simple registration process. This is a standard procedure and usually takes no more than a few minutes.
After you click the "open account" tab, you will be asked to fill out the registration form. Enter your first name, last name, country, phone number, email address and create a password. Be sure to enter your credible data, so that later there are no problems with the withdrawal of funds. If the registration data does not coincide with the real details, the broker has every right to refuse withdrawal of funds. Then select the currency in which your account will be maintained and select the account type - Demo account, or Real account. Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Do not ignore these points and it is better to study immediately, so that later there are no unnecessary questions and unforeseen situations.

To the specified email address you will receive a notification, in which there is a link to confirm the registration.

Registration form FinMax


The function of replenishing the trading account is as simple as possible and fully automated.
The broker offers traders the most popular and demanded payment systems.
The total transfer time may depend on the chosen payment system.

• Visa, MasterCard;
• Bank transfers;
• Yandex Money;
• Webmoney;

And other convenient payment systems.

Payment systems of the broker

Promotions, bonuses and special offers

The presence of a bonus system is one of the aspects, without which almost no project can manage today, and FinMax was no exception. Depending on the chosen type of account, the user can receive up to 100% of the funds deposited.
The FinMax Bonus Program is available not only for new customers, but also for those traders who have been working with the broker for a long time.

The percentage of bonus calculation depends on the size of the replenishable deposit, which in turn is tied to the type of account.

Bonus from the broker

• Bronze - 25%
• Silver - 50%
• Gold - 75%
• Platinum VIP - 100%

In addition, the broker's bonus program provides another interesting opportunity for new customers. As part of this service, new customers can conclude the first transaction without any risk. The volume of this transaction can be up to $ 1000. If your first contract is unprofitable, then all the funds spent on it will automatically return to your trading account in accordance with the current terms of the promotion.

Withdrawal of funds

The broker did everything possible to simplify the procedure of replenishing the trading account and withdrawing the earned funds, but the broker did not bypass the security of conducting payment transactions.
The withdrawal of funds is made by prior request of the user, which is processed within 24-48 hours. Commission for the first withdrawal of funds is absent. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 25, and the minimum withdrawal amount by bank transfer is 50 USD / EUR.
The withdrawal of funds is possible only after passing the verification. To verify the identity it is necessary to send a scan of the passport and the document confirming the address of residence. It is also important to note that the withdrawal of funds is possible only for payment systems, which replenished the deposit. An exception can be made up of individual moments, which are resolved individually by referring to those. support.

If you have replenished your account with a bank card, you must also send a scan or a photo of both sides of the card (the card number and CVV can be hidden).

Payment systems of the broker

Commission for withdrawal of funds:

• Credit card - 3.5%
• Bank transfer - 25 USD / 25EUR
• Yandex money - 3.5%
• Neteller / OKpay - 3.5%
• Perfect Money / Skrill - 2%
• Qiwi - 3.5%
• Webmoney - 0.9%

For VIP accounts, the withdrawal speed is much higher than for other accounts. This is because the request for an application is not processed within 1-2 days, as on standard accounts, but almost immediately, the rest of the time does not depend on the broker, but on the payment system, or the bank to which the funds are deducted.

Demo account FinMax

 Like most modern brokers, Finmax offers its customers the opportunity to open a demo account.
Unfortunately, the demo account has extremely limited use time, which is enough only to study the functionality of the trading platform and the service offered by the broker. On the very training of work with the market of time is practically not, because demo account is given only for one week, after which the trader is offered to switch to a real, or VIP account, and nobody cares if you are ready to psychologically invest real money or not.
Nevertheless, the developers believe that this time is enough to study the intricacies of working with the platform.
On the demo account provided, the newly-minted trader can use almost all the functions of the platform, but here the developers decided to limit traders to some possibilities, namely, a restriction on the amount of use of trading assets.
Go to a live account at any time for a couple of clicks. To do this, just click on the "Switch to real account" tab, which is next to the display of your balance.

Note that the demo account can use all the functionality of the platform, but there are restrictions on the number of assets.

Types of customer accounts

When registering a client for a choice, the broker offers three types of accounts: Demo, Real and VIP.

• Demo account. The initial account for training, which is available to the new player within a week, then you need to choose one of the two remaining accounts.
• Real is the main trading account. To open it, you need to replenish your account by $ 100 or more. All functionality is available to traders, and a bonus of up to 50% of the deposited funds, 75 assets and a number of other additional opportunities are offered.

Types of accounts

In addition, the Real account can be divided into three "differently level" accounts:

Bronze: The easiest of real accounts. The minimum deposit is $ 100, and the bonus is 25%. The trader gets the opportunity to trade more than 75 assets, all platform capabilities and access to the economic calendar for the analysis of events in the market of economy and finance. The first withdrawal of funds is carried out without commission.

Silver: a trading account whose minimum deposit is $ 1000. The bonus is increased to 50%, the trader gets the opportunity to take part in webinars, which are regularly conducted by the best specialists. Also within a month access to trading signals is given, and for each user the personal manager of the company is fixed.

Gold account: available when replenishing account for $ 5,000. The trader can trade on 75 assets and receives + 2% return to each concluded deal. Additional features include: 75% bonus on deposit, daily market analytics, permanent access to trading signals and accelerated withdrawal of funds (within 24 hours after application).

VIP account: Owners are given a 100% bonus, without a risk transaction of up to $ 1000, individual support to the consultant manager, accelerated withdrawal of funds and other benefits.

Minimum deposit

The minimum initial deposit of the Finmax broker is $ 100, and the minimum investment in the option is $ 5, which in principle is quite acceptable in the market of binary options and meets the needs of most traders who came to binary options with more serious goals, and not just play one-dollar rates on turbo options .
Such completely sparing conditions can be considered something average in modern realities, and in combination with other advantages of the broker quite justify itself, and do not greatly complicate the life of traders.

Available types of assets for trading

FinMax has in its arsenal a fairly wide range of different assets for trading and is in no way inferior to other modern large brokers
Due to such diversity, each trader will be able to make the most suitable portfolio for himself, and almost nothing is limited in terms of choosing an asset for trading.

The key assets of binary options, which are represented on the FinMax platform:

• Shares - 43
• Indexes -14
• Currency - 26
• Products - 8

Types of tradable assets

Trading conditions and overview table FinMax

In order to make it easier for you to determine the proposed terms and conditions of the FinMax broker, without going into details, we have compiled the basic information in the form of a simple and convenient table that allows you to literally one look to study all the main and main aspects of this broker.

The company is based:
2015 г.
Official site:
Weekend trading:
Account types:
Demo, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum VIP
Account currency:
Demo account:
Yes (limited - 1 week)
Start Deposit:
Minimal investment:
Maximum investment:
$ 5000
Types of options:
High/Low, Above/Below
Yield *:
High/Low - до 90%, Above/Below - до 300%)
Term expatriate **:
From 30 seconds to 6 months
VIP account:
Oт $1000
Promotions, bonuses, contests:
Trading assets:
More than 90 - Currency pairs, Indices, Goods, Stocks
Methods of replenishment:
Visa, MasterCard; Bank transfers; ePayments Skrill; QIWI; Yandex Money; Webmoney; Neteller;
Within 24-48 hours
Withdrawal of funds:
В течение 24-48 часов
Trading platform:
Finmax - Trade Smarter. The supplier of quotations is Leverate
Mobile app:
iOS, Windows Mobile и Android
Support service:
24/7 - email, phone, online chat
Regulation of activities:

* Percentage% of payments that are credited to the account in case of correct forecast and successful completion of the transaction
** Term for which the trader enters into a transaction

In addition to the above conditions, the broker allows you to use in the course of trade such special opportunities as: doubling of the investment, hedging, as well as advance sale of the option.

Types of options

Broker Finmax does not differ in the large choice of option types and provides its customers only two types, which itself can limit some traders in using certain strategies. Despite this, the broker allows traders to trade the most popular types of binary options and is designed to meet the needs of the majority. Well, if a trader really wants an exotic, it's always easy to find a broker with a wider choice of option types, including you can do it on our website.

Binary options on Finmax are represented by two types:

1. High / Low - ordinary and literally all familiar options, the essence of which is to determine whether the value will be higher or lower than the current level at a certain time interval. The expiration time of transactions can be from 30 seconds to the end of the day. The yield on such assets reaches 90%.
2. Above / Below is a popular version of options that are known to many as "Border". Different from the classic topics that a trader should determine whether the price will be higher or lower than the levels that the broker has set (they are displayed on the price chart). The yield on such transactions reaches 300% and therefore these options are very popular among Finmax customers.

Expiry time on the Finmax platform

Expiry timeThe expiration time, or the term of the "life of the option" - is the period on which the transaction is concluded. For example, if a trader opens a deal with an expiration period of 5 minutes, this means that within five minutes from the start of the option, the trader will receive a fixed profit, or a loss (depending on the trader's forecast) for the purchased option.

The Finmax broker provides a choice of expiration dates with a range from 30 seconds to 6 months, which opens up ample opportunities and prospects for a very diverse audience. As for fans of fast transactions, and for amateurs of trade based on fundamental analysis and long-term investments.

Trading Platform FinMax

FinMax provides traders with one of the most convenient trading platforms, which has a nice stylish design, is equipped with a lot of modern useful functions, and at the same time is simple and convenient to manage, fast enough, and immediately responds to any, even the slightest changes in the market.

The trading platform is unique in that it was created directly for this broker, and the development took into account the previous experience and practical wishes of professional traders.

Linear graph

Candlestick chart

On one screen, you can immediately see all the potential opportunities of the trading platform: the choice of trading assets, the type of option, the expiration period, setting the appearance of the graph (candle or line), choosing the amount of the transaction and the button contract.
The price chart is in the central part of the platform, its shape and size can be adjusted at the discretion of the trader. Time scales can vary in the limit of 1-5 hours.
Above the schedule are trading assets and immediately choose the expiration period, which is very convenient and does not require the trader unnecessary actions.
Also, at the top of the zone, the trader can observe the balance and the amount of invested funds.

On the right side of the platform is a working area, which serves to directly open trading operations.

Performing transactions

In order to specify a specific amount, simply enter the amount of funds that you would like to invest in this transaction in the "Amount of investment" field, after which the option is purchased by clicking the "Buy" button.
Thus, setting the expiration period and the size of the investment takes literally a few seconds, which is convenient when making deals.
Bottom of the working area of ​​the platform is the tab "Open positions". Here, traders can track various data on traded transactions.
In addition to all of the above, Broker offers several additional tools for market analysis. These are, first of all, several built-in technical indicators, as well as a large bar located in the lower left corner of the screen, where you can see the ratio of the total number of open trades traders FinMax.

Features and functionality of the trading platform:

• Ability to select three types of graphs - Linear, Area and Candlestick;
• Switching timeframes;
• Large price chart with the possibility of scaling it
• Fast switching between graphs
• Ability to customize the trading space as convenient for the trader
• Statistics on open and closed transactions are always available at the bottom of the window
• Built-in indicators - SMA, RSI, Bolinger Bands and MACD;
• Indication "Choice of traders" showing current transactions of FinMax clients
• Selection of working tools: economic calendar, signals, extended schedules, market reviews, etc.
• Social trading - the opportunity to observe the best traders FinMax and copy their contracts.

Mobile FinMax Applications

Finmax made sure that its customers could use the maximum opportunities for earnings, to implement this, mobile applications for operating systems were developed:

1. Windows Mobile;
2. IOS;
3. Android.

Now traders can trade not only sitting at the computer, but also on any modern mobile device. Especially, it is convenient when access to the main computer is not possible, but a transaction in the market, which is called "lit".

Download the mobile application you can on Google Play and ios:

Download the iOS app Download the Android app

Teaching materials

FinMax offers newcomers a small basic training course in which they will be able to master the basic aspects of trading binary options.
The entire training course at the FinMax broker is designed in such a way as to give the trader as much useful information as possible and help him start trading on binary options.
FinMax offers a simple and thought-out system for training beginners.

The binary options trading system for a broker includes:

El. book, strategy and webinars, training videos

1. El. book is difficult to call a book, tk. in fact it is 26 pages of small tips - 7 pages are available to everyone, the remaining pages are opened again, to registered customers. It looks like this:

EBook FinMax

2. Strategies - are presented in the form of small articles that can be read by anyone who is not even a registered user. The section includes 35 small text lessons.
3. Webinars - also, are available only to registered customers.
4. Training videos - a complete video course is available only to registered users.

The training video is presented in the form of 5 sections:

1.Binary Options
2. Market analysis
5. Overview of the platform

Analytics tools

Analytics is an integral part of successful trading. To expand the capabilities of its customers, Finmax provides a wide range of different tools for market analysis, including:
• economic calendar;
• asset reviews;
• news reports.

All the analytical information presented on the site is regularly updated. Due to this, each user can independently conduct market analysis, guided by reviews and news events from the world of finance. Competent use of these tools will significantly help reduce risks, and your chances of successful trading increase at times.

Social Radar

The company FinMax provides another interesting function for copying the transactions of successful traders.
"Social Radar" is a special application that monitors the behavior of successful traders. This feature can be used by absolutely any customer of the company without any restrictions and has no dependence on the type of account. To use the function, just click the Auto Copy tab. Next, you need to select a few leading traders at your discretion to monitor their activities.

Trading signals FinMax

Social trading is not the only application whose task is to help users.
The operator offers all its traders to use so-called trading signals, through which customers can automate the decision-making process.
The broker positions its trading signals with a useful tool, but how useful it is, and how trustworthy these signals are, the question remains open. Most likely, this function performs more the role of eye misting, which is often used by brokers. Such signals are not infrequently misleading traders, and sometimes are the result of serious losses. Often, in the long term, such signals on the statistics of correct and incorrect forecasts yield a result of 50 to 50, or even impose a loss. If you decide to trade binary options, then learn to rely on your own resources. Whatever it was, this is an exclusively subjective opinion of the author.

Advantages and disadvantages of FinMax

Thanks to the full review of the broker FinMax, we tried to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the company:


• High level of protection of personal accounts of traders using advanced security systems that help to ensure the real safety of deposits from hacking, in addition, broker employees do not have a password for client accounts;
• Wide choice of assets;
• competently constructed system of training (suitable only for beginning traders for obtaining basic knowledge);
• The ability to insure your first transaction (not a very big plus, but still a positive one);
• Wide choice for communication with technical support 24/7;
• The most popular and convenient methods of payment;
• Innovative and multifunctional trading platform;
• Possibility to hedge positions;
• Possibility of early completion of the transaction;
• Wide choice of expiration terms;
• Ability to duplicate transactions of successful traders;
• Availability of mobile applications;
• Availability of a license;

On many sites in the reviews, you can only find the positive side of brokers, but the negative side of the authors try to close their eyes, and sometimes the disadvantages can even be attributed to the pluses, but let's face it and identify the main drawbacks of the broker.


• Demo account has a limited validity - only 1 week;
• Not a large selection of types of binary options (two types of options)
• A minimum deposit of $ 100, and a minimum transaction of $ 5, which can limit some novice traders in financial opportunities. This is certainly not very large sums, but many modern brokers have long lowered the bar to deposits from $ 10 and entry into the deal from $ 1.
• Despite a good trading platform, the broker has a limited set of tools for technical analysis (only a few indicators)
• Lack of tournaments is certainly not a very big minus, but sometimes for traders one could conduct interesting competitive events.

Customer Service

If you have any questions, each user can contact the 24-hour support service, which works 24/7.

Contact managers and get expert help, you can in several convenient ways - phone call or e-mail, online chat, web form.

Security, licenses and regulation of FinMax

One of the most important aspects in the organization of any financial activity is the reliable protection of the client's financial investments. FinMax also took this issue seriously. All clients are guaranteed complete confidentiality of all information provided during registration, and access to the client's trading account is impossible even for company employees.

The site of the broker is protected by the SSL encryption protocol, therefore the data of the users of FiNMAX are under reliable protection.

The company's activities are extremely transparent and regulated by the CROF (the Center for Regulation of Relations in the Financial Markets).


The regulator that issued the license, among other things, controls the operation of a special fund, which is intended to compensate losses to users of a certified broker who holds this license.
The FinMax broker's certificate can be viewed on the official site of the regulator:

Awards of the FinMax broker

Of course, such a promising broker could not do without rewards at annual exhibitions dedicated to brokers of Binary Options and FOREX brokers around the world.

For a relatively short time of its existence on the market, the company received a number of prestigious awards and prizes:

FinMax Awards


From the first minutes of acquaintance the broker of binary options Finmax makes quite a good impression. The binary broker offers users a lot of high-quality services in combination with profitable and comfortable conditions, but for all its advantages the broker has a number of not very significant, but still some discomforts disadvantages.
The trading platform is a good example for many start-up companies, which in such a short time managed to translate the idea into reality and create a really high-quality service.
Developers of the trading platform take into account all interests of users and constantly try to improve the platform.
The advanced software and high security of the site indicate that the broker has serious intentions and clearly claims to occupy the leading positions in the general ranking of brokers of binary options.

Despite some individual shortcomings, in general, the FinMax Broker in modern realities is one of the most promising brokers in the binary options industry.

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