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IQ Option

Broker of binary options IQ option

IQ Option - it is possible to say the only broker about which you can write endlessly, so do not be surprised if on the page you will see a huge amount of information. We tried for your convenience to compress all information to a minimum, but it did not help to set out all the facts about this broker, so you can find more information about the broker of the IQ Option on the website .........................

IQ Option Binary Options Broker was founded in 2013, and during this time has already become one of the most famous brokers in the open spaces of Europe and the CIS.
As early as next year, 2014, 950 000 accounts were created here. In 2016, the total number of users of the site reached 11 million people. At the same time, about 3,000,000 transactions take place here every day. The amount of monthly payments to customers, according to the representatives of the broker, is now about $ 5,700,000. USA.
The company IQ Option builds its actions on clearing within the trading system itself, which allows the broker to receive a commission solely due to this turnover of funds.

Throughout its existence, the IQOption broker has been able to reach significant heights and make trading binary options available to the maximum number of traders. At the same time, a convenient platform was created, which is distinguished by the abundance of trading tools and their high functionality.

Broker IQ Option         iqoption.com

Trading platform of the broker

         Starting Deposit: $ 10

         Minimal deal: $ 1

         Max % on option*: 91%

         Demo Account: Yes

         Regulator: CySEC

         Popularity on the Internet:

*Interest % on the option, which is paid in case of a correct forecast and successful completion of the transaction

"CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money."

General Risk Warning: The use of financial products offered by the company is very risky and can lead to the loss of all your funds. Never invest more than you can afford to spend.


IQ Option Website

The appearance of the site fully corresponds to the image of the company as an advanced player in the market of binary options, which relies on innovation. Modern, futuristic design pleases the eye and supports the impression of a high status of the broker.
At the same time it is executed in a rather minimalistic style, without special pretentiousness and unnecessary details. All the elements, such as information about the company and its trading platform, the language selection panel, connection with the operator and the registration button, are literally at hand and always in sight.

Website IQ Option

Register Now

IQ Option Registration

The process of registering new customers is simplified as much as possible. All you need is to indicate your name, surname, email address and choose a password.
When registering, no additional documents are required, but they may be required to undergo a verification procedure when withdrawing the profits from the account.
You can also access the IQ Option website using your Facebook or Google+ account. To do this, click on the button with the corresponding social network icon, and then enter your account.

Customers who have replenished their account in the amount of $ 3,000 are granted a special VIP status, which includes personal manager services, unlimited access to all tools, and regular distribution of trading signals. Some contracts may be temporarily unavailable for trading.

Demo account

It is also significant that the IQ Option binary broker provides a demo account without any restrictions. Absolutely any binary trader can get acquainted with the platform and trade, without risking to lose available deposits.

For a demo account, many functions are not available, however, to familiarize yourself with the platform this will be enough. This will allow you to quickly make a decision about entering real money and start trading binary options.

Open a demo account

To carry out transactions with options, each person is granted 1,000 virtual US dollars. The demo version works in real time. It completely imitates real trading.

Terms of trade

IQ Option offers some of the most profitable terms of trade from all brokers of binary options: a deposit of $ 10 US dollars, a deal from $ 1.
Traders can use two types of optional instruments, differing in the duration of the action. Classic binary options have expiration dates from 15 minutes to an hour, with intervals of 15 minutes, while "turbo" options operate for 1 to 3 minutes.
Interestingly, the trade of some contracts with OTC (Over The Counter) is available even at the weekend, when the real exchange does not work. The price is moving in some horizontal channel, and over-the-counter quotes are taken from interbank deals, from well-known quotation suppliers such as Thomson Reuters and the like.

Trading conditions

Overview Table IQ Option

Established in:







Iqoption - web-browser, standalone app


From 10 $

Transaction size:

From $ 1

Profitability of the option:

Up to 90% * (* The amount that will be credited to the account in case of a successful transaction.)
Types of transactions:

Turbo option (60 seconds), Binary options, American options


Trading instruments:

Forex, Equities, Indices, Raw materials, Crypto currency
Currency of account:


Chat with support:


Available languages:

Russian, English, etc.

Demo account:


Mobile app:

Android, iOS

Ways of input / output:

Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller, Boleto
Personal account manager:



Video Tutorials





Output of profit:

Applications for withdrawal of funds are processed from 1 working day

Types of trading accounts on the IQ Option platform

IQ Option trading accounts are divided into 3 types:

• Real account - opens after registration on the platform and is used to trade for real money;
• Training account - opens automatically with the real one immediately after registration. On the account you will have a virtual $ 1000;
• VIP account - opens after making a deposit of $ 3000. You will have the opportunity to discuss all your transactions with the analyst at least once a month. VIP account gives a slightly higher percentage of profitability for all assets, accelerated withdrawal of funds and other privileges;

Types of options

The IQ Option broker offers the following types of options for working on the market:
1. Cash-or-nothing - is a classic type of options, which assumes that the trader will make the correct forecast for certain assets, that is - the direction of price movement - higher or lower. This type of options has a fixed profit, which fluctuates around 80% plus or minus 10%.
2. Turbo option - more known as "60 seconds". The main task is to make trading transactions, the result of which will be known in 1 minute. Otherwise, this type of options is no different from the classical options.

IQ Option Trading Assets

IQ Option allows you to choose from more than 500+ assets, including
- currency pairs;
- the largest international stock indices;
- shares of individual companies;
- precious metals;
- crypto-currencies;

How to replenish an account

You can add to the account American dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and, what is especially important for residents of the CIS countries, Russian rubles. Visa, MasterCard, titular signs WME, WMZ, WMR are accepted for payment.
You can also replenish your account with the help of Yandex Money, Qiwi, Neteller, FasaPay, Skrill payment systems.

Withdrawal of funds

IQ Option - an international broker, on the platform of which people from more than 100 countries of the world trade. Therefore, there are a lot of ways to withdraw funds from the deposit: Visa and Mastercard credit cards, bank transfer, WebMoney, Neteller, QIWI Wallet, Ukash, iDeal, Boleto, Yandex.Money, Skrill and some others. The withdrawal of funds is carried out within 3 working days.
To withdraw funds, the user must apply from the personal cabinet.

Payment systems of the broker

If you are ordering a withdrawal for the first time, the broker will ask you for verification to verify your identity, this is the standard procedure for almost all brokers. The status of the submitted withdrawal application can be monitored in real time from the personal cabinet

Account verification

Why do you need verification? This is necessary in order to confirm the identity of the client brokerage company. Under the legislation of any country, a citizen who is considered to be an adult can work, or rather trade in financial markets. During the verification procedure, the client confirms that he is of legal age, which means he is fully responsible for his actions and actions.
Under the contract with CySEC, the brokerage company is obliged to provide not only its own accounts, but also reporting on its customers. In those cases, if any violations are detected, the broker may be fined or even deprived of a license.
However, such checks should not be afraid, as during the check all the confidentiality measures will be observed, this is a very important point. This protects the brokerage company from dishonest customers and scammers, and prevents the opening of multiple accounts for fraudulent activities.
Therefore, brokers need to verify trading accounts in order to visually verify that the customer is indeed the owner of both the trading account and payment systems or bank cards.

Dynamic option

A dynamic option is a new trading tool on the IQ Option platform. Broker of binary options. IQ Option continues to evolve at a fast pace, providing more functionality to its users. Next on the line are new trading instruments, which, of course, will attract even more traders to the IQ Option platform.
The IQ Option dynamic option is a kind of option that depends on the movement of the price. It somewhat resembles trading in Forex - the more the asset price will pass on the chart, the higher the revenue. As for trading with conventional binary options, for trading a dynamic option, you must select:
• the underlying asset (the required schedule);
• Option direction (up or down);
• Expiration time (when the transaction ends and the result is fixed);
• the amount of the investment.
But the main difference from a binary option is that there is no fixed profit. Before the deal you do not know how much you will earn. It can be 1%, and maybe all 800%.

Early closure

Early closure is an excellent opportunity to reduce the risks of the transaction, and therefore, to limit them. Traders who have experience in working with this function with other brokers consider it quite convenient, which allows to reduce losses during unprofitable trades. And indeed it is.
To understand how this function works, let's look at an example
Let's say a trader conducted his analytical forecast and came to someone's decision to buy an option. For example, he bought an option in the expectation that after a certain expiration time, this option will increase in price. He accurately calculated the expiration time. However, after some time, after the option was already bought, it became clear: the opinion and analysis of the trader were erroneous. In other words, the analytical forecast of the trader has not been confirmed and, apparently, the option will lose. In this case, you can apply the function of early closing the deal.
The function of early closing the transaction is applied in the following cases, for example, to limit cash losses on lossy transactions, as well as to obtain a guaranteed profit.

The main advantages of IQ Option

  • easy to use, yet multifunctional web interface
  • a deposit from $ 10
  • transactions from $ 1
  • availability of a demo account not limited by a time frame or a virtual deposit
  • availability of a dynamic option and early termination function,
  • monthly tournaments
  • video lesson

Mobile IQ Option

It is worth mentioning separately the trading application IQ Option for tablets and smartphones, allowing you to stay "in the market" outside your own workplace. The mobile trading platform provides functionality very close to the full-screen version, with a difference only in the location and size of the individual interface elements. The platform is available as an application for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free from the official Google Play and App Store sites.

Mobile Broker Platform

Download mobile app:

Download the iOS app Download the Google Play application    

IQ Option Training System

IQ Option pays close attention to increasing the level of financial education and trading skills of its customers, as indicated by the availability of interactive training materials on the broker's website.
All those who want to learn about working with options as much as possible can use the video library from the broker IQ Option, which involves 18 short video lessons.
In addition, the broker's blog offers a wide range of useful articles that can help novice traders understand the specifics of working in financial markets.


From November 1, 2017, IQ Option will no longer provide access to tournaments for customers residing in the European Union.
This decision was taken immediately in response to a request made to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which licenses IQ Option operations in Europe.

The program on the PC IQ Option

The program is a working version of the trading platform IQ Option. In other words, it is the same platform as if you were trading in a browser. Then the question arises involuntarily: "Why should I download a program, if I can trade online in my browser, do not download or install anything?" The answer lies in the advantage of the program on the computer before trading the browser. The installed program is faster, convenient, the download speed is higher. From the latter it follows that you can make transactions without slippage. And this is very important in trading turbo options.
Slippage is the entry into a binary option transaction at a worse price than the latter was ordered. This is due to rapid market changes and / or slow loading of the trading platform. The program saves the trader from the last situation
After registration you are on the main page, where you immediately see the button "Download for Windows, .exe, 11 Mb". Boldly click on it.
After clicking on the button, the program will start downloading directly. Also you will appear on the next page, in which there will be a detailed description of the installation of the program on the computer.

Trading Platform IQ Option.com

The main feature of this broker, which largely determined the rapid growth of its popularity, is, of course, a unique trading platform. The trading platform IQ Option in the field of binary options is truly innovative. It was developed by a team of professional traders, analysts and programmers of a very high class.
The trading platform is presented to customers on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and also an online client for an Internet browser. All clients have a unified interface and are synchronized with each other. This means that trading on a home computer or through a browser window, you can easily continue to trade any other supported device.

IQ Option Broker Trading Platform

Briefly go through the management elements of the mobile platform:

1. Option type selection - Turbo or Binary;
2. Selection of a trading instrument;
3. Choice of contract expiration time;
4. Current alignment of forces to raise and lower;
5. The main window of the graph. The horizontal line shows the transaction level, the red vertical line shows the expiration time of the option;
6. Selection of the investment amount (from $ 1);
7. The choice of the direction of the transaction - to increase or decrease;
8. Change the appearance of the chart display and set the indicators.

Functionality of the trading platform

News section of the IQ Option platform

To conduct trade, you need to monitor what is happening on the financial exchange. Therefore, the appearance of the section "Topical news of the market" has become a very respectable and useful service for traders, since the most important thing you can learn online is directly on the trading platform and you do not need to switch from one window to another to study economic calendars. Also the most important news comes from the main portal of finance investing.com (currency quotes, indices, stocks, graphs, analytics, current news, technical research). This functionality will be interesting for traders who trade on the news.

I would also like to note the fact that the trading platform of Aikyu Option allows you to work with several assets simultaneously, displaying the required number of charts to a total of 9.

Simultaneous use of several graphs

The trading platform IQ Option works equally well with both full-sized computers and mobile devices. The interface is based on dynamic charts showing the development of the asset price in real time. The most significant difference between the IQ Option Chart system and most other binary option brokers is the availability of a set of auxiliary tools, such as increasing / decreasing the scale of individual parts of the chart, drawing lines and curves, and so on.
Trading platform has a standard set of charts - candle, bar and linear, which are more familiar to experienced traders who have long worked with financial markets.

Trading platform interface

Technical analysis

For a more confident and successful trade, traders use indicators and constructions that are "mounted" in the interface of the IQ Option platform. Such popular indicators as Bollinger Waves, RSI, Moving Averages and Alligator can be imposed on the asset chart and trade based on indicators.

Technical indicators of the trading platform

Section "Best deals"

The incentive of successful trading can be called the top best traders. In this section you can see the most successful deals for a certain period, the history of other beautifully completed trading operations. Each trader gets an opportunity to get acquainted with their detailed description, conduct analytics. The sections "Best traders" and "Best deals" demonstrate the success of traders. The information is updated quite often, and you can also get with the list of the best IQ Option platform traders in the world.

Trading signals IQ Option

Online signals are generated automatically based on indicators of technical indicators. They help traders successfully organize trading, showing the slightest changes in the trend of each of the assets. Signals are built on the principle of "Trend - your friend" and distributed on a 5-point scale. In this case, the strongest is the sign of five stars, the weakest - in one. By clicking on the transfer of information, you will see the quotes of the asset and understand if this signal is suitable for profitable trades.
IQ Option is a hoax
IQ Option is currently one of the most law-abiding brokers on the market. For a long time, the activity of the IQ Option has been regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Commission on Exchanges and Securities).

IQ Option blocked account

The reasons for blocking your account may be several:
1. When registering a trading account on the IQ Option, the user specified incorrect data - name or age.
For example, a user is a minor and, when registering, intentionally indicates an incorrect birth date. When withdrawing money, IQ Option has the right to request documents confirming your identity. And then it turns out that the user is a minor, and, as you know, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to trade binary options. In this case, the account can be blocked
2. You have several trading accounts opened, which is prohibited by the company's rules. In this case, IQ Option blocks all your accounts, and all transactions and financial accounts can be canceled.
3. If you are a citizen or resident of the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, Sudan, Iran or North Korea, and this is determined by the identity card, the IQ Option is entitled to block the account.
4. If the IQ Option reasonably suspected you of using fraudulent schemes related to:
• Credit card transactions or other means of replenishment / withdrawal that do not belong to you;
• the use of a malfunction or system errors, any software to obtain false trading results.

Supervisory bodies IQ Option

The problem of security and regulation of investments in customer deposits is one of the most important in option trading. The company's operations are controlled by one of the most reliable regulators in Europe.
The firm has CySEC licenses under the number 247/14, issued by the Cyprus Securities and Bargaining Commissions. The licensing date is July 30, 2014. The main task of CySEC is to protect customers from the unscrupulous work of the broker. In the event that the broker's support service can not solve your question or simply does not respond to the messages - you can always file a complaint with the regulator, which will act as an arbitration between you and the brokerage company.


The trading platform for a relatively short time of its existence has already been awarded with various awards, among which is the "Most Reliable Binary Option Broker" ("The Most Reliable Binary Option Broker"). It was awarded to experts of the authoritative Academy MasterForex-V.

Broker Awards IQ Option


IQ Option can be called a broker of "broad profile", which made convenient trading on binary options available to many market participants. Experienced traders will be pleased with a set of tools for working with price charts and the availability of mobile applications.
The least benefit from the terms of trade in IQ will be experienced traders who do not have previous trading experience - this is facilitated by a low minimum deposit, the presence of a full demo account (which is not so common among brokers of binary options), as well as an understandable and flexible trading platform and training materials.
You can trade with classical binary options and turbo options. The option itself is purchased in just one click. All transactions can be viewed in the section of the site that displays the history of all transactions. After the transaction is completed, a window with the results of the auction pops up.
Without a doubt IQ Option is one of the most popular binary option brokers.

Regional restrictions

Currently, the IQ Option does not provide services to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea or the European Union.

General Risk Warning: The use of financial products offered by the company is very risky and can lead to the loss of all your funds. Never invest more than you can afford to spend.

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